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World Vision Child Sponsorship

Change the Trajectory of a Child's Destiny

About Child Sponorship

Sponsoring my children through World Vision has literally changed my life. I do not look at expenses in the same way as I did before. It was amazing at how God used Anna, the first child I sponsored to completely and radically impact my life. Getting my nails done was no longer a treat - I looked at it as another month I could sponsor a child. Going out to eat when I was too lazy to cook dinner became the winter clothes that I would be unable to send to freezing children in Romania. My daughter and I now sponsor four children from different countries: Mexico, Uganda, Guatemala and Nicaragua. It is so amazing to realize that we can be the hands and feet of God in the life of children that we may never meet, but we are able to exchange letters, small gifts and, more importantly, love.

World Vision's approach is very unique. They do not just send supplies and hope for the best. They go into these areas, they live among the people and they build up the community, teaching them to become self-sufficient and at the same time showing them the Love of God. I know that their work makes God's Heart happy! - and that is enough for me.

If you have never considered Child Sponsorship, would you today? I cannot think of a better way to start taking steps to literally change the world - one child at a time. I can help you get started today!